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The preferences dialog allows you to personalize some aspects of how the wiki works. This page gives basic information on commonly-used preferences. For more detailed information, see:

Note: Preferences are set separately on each wiki. If you also have access to other HeroEngine wikis, you may find it convenient to specify the same preferences on each wiki that you use.


User data

User data
Your email*: ...
o Register email
Your nickname (for signatures): ...
o Raw signatures (without automatic link)
Interface language: English
Change password
Old password: ...
New password: ...
Retype new password: ...
o Remember password across sessions 
* Real name (optional): if you choose to provide it this will be used
for giving you attribution for your work.
* Email (optional): Enables people to contact you through the website
without you having to reveal your email address to them, and it can be
used to send you a new password if you forget it.

Your nickname

This is a name you may optionally specify, different from your account name, for when you enter your signature with ~~~ or ~~~~.

(If you use the edit toolbar for signing, remember that it gives two dashes before the four tildes.)

Raw signatures

If "Raw signatures (without automatic link)" is unchecked, then

If "Raw signatures" is checked, then:


Your password on the wiki is set via your HeroEngine account, not via the MediaWiki interface. Changing your password in this screen will have no effect.

If you do need a password change, please do so through the account interface.

Interface language

Here you can specify an interface language. Not all languages are currently enabled, so if you need one that is not frequently used, please contact the HeroEngine team.

Search result settings

Hits to show per page: 
Lines to show per hit: 
Characters of context per line: 
Search in these namespaces by default:

See also

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