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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

Main page: Master Control
Note: This page is about editing server configuration values. For the client, see Editing client configuration values.

Configuration values for the various servers and daemons can be edited via the Master Control Console. For a complete list of the available parameters on the server-side, see Configuration Value Reference. For the client values, see Editing client configuration values.

Opening the Edit Panel

To open the editor for configuration values, push the button labeled "Edit Config" button at the top of the Master Control Console.

Configuration categories

For the server side, the editor will display the following 8 categories:

When editing a value, try to edit the lowest level necessary, for proper inheritance.

For example, if adjusting a Timeout value, this could be modified at any of the following levels:

If the value were modified at the "Default" level, the change would carry through all the other levels as well.

If the value were modified at the "Process" level, it would only be effective at that level, and would not affect the Universe, Daemon, or Default levels. But for that process, it would override anything from the other levels.

Tutorial: Changing a world name

A common configuration value that is changed, is a World Name:

A world will have one name which shows up to players in the Service Directory. This is the PublicWorldName

Changing a universe name

A world (also known as a Universe) will also have a "Universe name", which is how it is displayed in Master Control.

Resetting/Shutdown Master Control To Apply Changes

Most types of configuration changes will be recognized by performing a "reset" of master control (i.e. type /reset in the chat panel located in Master Control Console). Other types of configuration changes require a "shutdown" of the Master Control Application (i.e. type /shutdown in the chat panel located in Master Control Console), a shutdown of master control console does not affect the world which will continue running without interruption.

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