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The Dude Manager Director (sometimes also called the "Dude Server Director", the "Dude Server Director Daemon", or the "Dude Manager Director Daemon") is a HeroEngine static process which is the director for the dynamic dude server processes. It starts and stops them based on load. The Director uses the configuration values which it was given upon its own startup by Master Control. The Director then can dynamically launch new Dude Server processes, which will run on one of the machines within the specified Server Group, depending on load.

Dude Manager Director Configuration values

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
DirectedProcessDaemonID int daemon id of the process to start 1099 note: Should be different for each
DirectedProcessDaemonName string type of daemon to run HJ_DUDE_SERVER or REPOSITORY_SERVER_DAEMON
DirectedProcessMinimumCount string how many to always have running 2
DirectorEnabled int flag to tell the dynamically spun up processes to be directed 1
DirectorMailboxName string unique well known mailbox per world DIRECTOR_REPOSITORY_STATUS
ServiceDirectoryMatrixTransports string which service directories to talk to <pipe separated Service Directory PO Matrix Tranport strings>
DirectedProcessNumber int passed to the dynamically started daemons to number them configuration value not set
DirectedProcessStartTimeout int time in milliseconds to wait for the newly started daemon to open a connection back to the director 30000
DirectedProcessPortRange string range of tcp/ip ports to bind to for outward facing ports on the directed processes 10001-19999
DirectedProcessHeartbeatRate int time between heartbeats to the directed daemons 30000
ServiceDirectoryPublishRate int time between publishes of directed daemon connection information to the service directories 30000
ServiceDirectoryPublishName string something something
PublicWorldName string world identifier used to tell the Service Directory which world the daemons are running for usually set at the Universe level

Dude Server Configuration Values

Overrides to the configuration values of Dude Server processes must be set on the Director, since it is the Director which launches the Dude Servers as dynamic processes.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
HEDudeBatchIDLine string ID line to request from the Batch ID Server to give each connected client a unique ID number HEDUDE
WorldID string When the Dude Manager sends requests to the Dream Manager, this identifies which World that the requests are coming from "0"
BatchIDClientTimeout integer Milliseconds to wait for the ID Server to respond to a batch request, before issuing another batch request 15,000
DudeManagerTransport string The transport string which specifies the port on which to listen for clients. (Note: This value is used only for static processes, and is not used by a dynamically started Directed process) tcp::10357
DirectedProcessNumber integer A sequence number assigned by the Director to uniquely identify the dynamic processes it launches  
DirectedProcessPortRange string The range of ports on which to bind TCP listeners 10001–19999
DirectorMailboxName string Set by the Director, this is the well-known mailbox name on which to report to the Director  
DirectorEnabled integer Setting this to a non-zero value lets a process know if it is a dynamically started process 0
AuthenticationPublicKeyFile string See Encrypted Login. ""
AuthenticationPublicKeySignatureFile string See Encrypted Login. ""
DreamIdentOfServer string Identifies which world is being worked in, to the Dream Manager <server>
DreamServerMailbox string The well-Known Name of the Dream Manager's mailbox DREAM_SERVER
DudeBandwidthByteLimit integer Maximum number of bytes which can be sent to a player in a one-second interval 40,960
DudeBandwidthMaxBurst integer Maximum size of any individual replication message 4,096
DudeManagerAuthenticationTimeout integer The number of milliseconds to allow for an authentication response when a player logs in 10,000
DudeManagerCertificate string If this is set to the filename of an OpenSSL certificate, it turns on OpenSSL encryption ""
DudeManagerNoDelay string When set to on, this disables the Nagel algorithm "on"
DudeManagerPendingDudeDataLimit integer Maximum amount of allowed data, in bytes, queued for sending to a player 268,435,456
EditingClientChannelMap string Specifies the channels which are open to the client (see source code for default)
IncomingChannelMessageMaxBytes integer The maximum size of a message, in bytes, to allow from a client 10,111,000
LivePushServerMailbox string The well-known mailbox name of the Live Push Server Director LIVE_PUSH_SERVER_DIRECTOR
LogServerMailbox string The well-known mailbox name of the Log Server LOG_SERVER
NonBandwidthTrackedChannels string Specifies channels that are not counted against bandwidth to the player (see source code for default)
OutgoingBufferSaneBytes integer Limits size of buffer kept allocated for outgoing channel messages. The system computes an average for that, but averages are capped to this value to prevent an early traffic spike from keeping too much memory reserved. 1,000,111
PlayerClientChannelMap string The list of channels open to a player client (see source code for default)
PrimaryDestinationString string Token which indicates traffic on a channel is directed to a player's current area server (see source code for default)
receivingBandwidth integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 0
receptionDelay integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 0
sendingBandwidth integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 0
sendingDelay integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 0
ReplicationUpdateInterval integer Milliseconds between replication update message 100
ServiceDirectoryPublishName string (not used by dynamically started directed processes)  
PublicWorldName string (not used by the Dude Server process)  
DirectedProcessMinimumCount integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 2
DirectedProcessStartTimeout integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 30,000
DirectedProcessHeartbeatRate integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 30,000
DirectedProcessDaemonID string (not used by the Dude Server process) "????"
DirectedProcessDaemonName string (not used by the Dude Server process) "UNKNOWN"
ServiceDirectoryPublishRate integer (not used by the Dude Server process) 30,000
ServiceDirectoryMatrixTransports string (not used by the Dude Server process)  

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