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This is a beginner-level tutorial on how to create particle effects


This page gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a particle effect. These effects have dozens of different parameters, and this tutorial only covers a tiny fraction of them. For more details, see:

Note that to change particles, the primary method is via the Properties Panel. Some properties are on the Particles, and some are on the Emitter itself.


A Particle effect is something that is generated by a particle emitter, which, naturally enough, emits particles. A particle can be pretty much anything, from a light source to an asset which could be anything from a tiny leaf to an entire building, and many things in between. A simple way of explaining it, is like a raincloud: The cloud is the emitter, and each of the raindrops is an individual particle. However, for development, the term "particles" can be used interchangeably to refer to either the entire effect, or the individual particles.

Particle effects can only be changed in the specific Area where they have been created. To make an effect that can be modified individually, in a different area, see Copying particle effects

Creating a particle effect

The steps to create a particle effect are:

Particle effect tutorial #1

Create a particle spec

Choosing a texture

Create an emitter

Now we will create an emitter instance, based on the asset spec that you just created
A basic particle emitter dropping logo particles

Note: If you are having trouble focusing your view on the emitter, be sure to first work through the tutorial on Starting HeroBlade to learn how to look around in the game world.

Modifying particle properties

For best results, open and dock both the Assets panel and the Properties panel. A good way to do this is to keep the Assets Panel docked on the lefthand side of your screen, and the Properties Panel on the right.

Changing color


Changing direction

(note: Depending on your point of view in relation to the emitter, the angle may look slightly different than in this image)

Changing duration

At this time, if you back up and look at the effect, you should see that you get about four particles at a time. To increase this number, modify the LifeSpan property in the Misc section.

You should now get about 8 logos appearing at a time, and they will be starting to "arc"

Note that the arc lengthens, but not immediately. The new LifeSpan only applies to the newest particles that have been created.



The "weight" of the particles can be changed with the Buoyancy property. Positive values make particles more buoyant. Negative values make particles less buoyant.


Short "dot" trails after each particle
Each particle can be set to have a trail, and the trails have their own properties too.


To better see this effect, tap CTRL-O to go into Overhead Mode, and then hold down the Right Mouse Button and move the mouse to move the viewpoint around

As the emitter "spins", the particles spread out and look more random

Changing speed of generation

To change how quickly that the particles are generated, it is necessary to change the property in the emitter, not the particle.

Increase the speed of rotation


Right now particles are probably either flying off the edge of your world, or disappearing through the ground. Let's change how this works.

Many other effects are possible, and the best way to explore is really just to experiment. Have fun! Here are some ideas:

What your effect may look like at this point.  ;)

Feel free to keep experimenting! For other examples, see below.

Particle effect tutorial #2


To see several samples of different particle effects, go to the Particle Demo area in your HJ-reference world.

To examine the specific properties of an effect, either click directly on the effect (ensure particle effects are visible via the Filters Menu first), or via the Assets Panel.

Note: Particle effects can only be modified in the Area where they were created. So just because you can see a particle effect, doesn't mean that you will be able to modify it.

To copy an existing effect to another area so that you can change it, see Copying particle effects.

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