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The Create Menu is a dropdown menu on HeroBlade. It provides a means to create various assets in an Area, which will appear at the current location of the camera. Some of the items on this menu can also be created via other panels in the Panels menu.

Types of assets which can be created via the Create Menu:

Creates a static or animated asset
Helper objects used in conjunction with animations and other game-specific code
For creating sound objects
Creates an individual camera-facing billboard (as opposed to potentially creating several on a heightmap via the Terrain panel)
Create a node which attaches to a bone on a character or animated asset, to allow parenting of other nodes
An object to provide a spot of color somewhere, without a particle effect
Fundamental assets used in area creation. Can be created via the Create Menu, but more commonly are created via the Terrain Panel
Node which generates spot or omni lighting in an area
Pre-created particle effect
Used for creating lakes, rivers, and other mirror effects
Powerful system to provide an infinite amount of animated effects
Create an initial waypoint path (which then must have waypoints added to it via the Paths panel
Special object which will move along a selected waypoint path
Assets which work in conjunction with the physics server to generate AI paths
An instance which can be used to toggle physics simulation on and off for a group of other instances.
Used to connect physics-enabled nodes
Defines arbitrarily shaped regions in the world, to help HSL scrips determine whether or not a particular point is in the region or not
A special kind of node which represents and displays a tree
Predefined area in 3-dimensional space, which can be used to trigger callbacks to HSL scripts when certain events occur within the volume of the trigger
Renderable object which creates various visual effects
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