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An area-specific Particle effect can only be modified in the same Area where it was first created, though copies of it can be used in other areas. The idea is that, if a particle is created for a specific purpose (such as a waterfall), someone won't "borrow" it for some other purpose and then naively change it, ruining the original.

Master effects

If Master Particle Editing is enabled, a "Master" Particle Effect can be changed anywhere, and those changes are then reflected in all copies of that spec. This is useful for such things as spell effects, which should stay consistent regardless of which area that they are being used in, and can be edited in any location, with those changes taking effect on all other versions of the effect.

Master Particle Editing is disabled by default for safety. To enable it, enter togglemasterparticleedit in the Console window.

With Master Particle Editing enabled, you can create new particle specs as Master effects. To manually set an existing ParticleAssetSpec as a "Master" spec, you will need to edit the spec directly in the Repository Browser and set AreaGUID to 0.

Area-specific effects

An area-specific effect can only be modified in the area where it was originally created. If such an effect is copied into another area, it will work, but cannot be changed in the new area (though it can still be modified from its home area).

To see which Area is the "home Area" for an emitter, check the Properties Panel, in the Type section, under AreaGUID.

If it is desired to make a changeable copy of an area-specific effect, it is necessary to make a copy of it with a different name.

Copying an effect

To copy an effect, either to the same or a different Area:
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