Client DOM Coordinator

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The Client DOM Coordinator is a static process which coordinates changes done to the client DOM. This is so that the multiple processes which have the client GOM loaded can stay in sync.

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Note: Only customers with full or source licenses can modify values via the Master Control Console.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
JavelinConnectString string complete schema password database and identifier javelin/javelin@somewhere
World string prefix used on well-known mailbox names 0
HEBatchIDLine string selects the line of IDs to draw from when requesting IDs from the ID Server HE
BatchIDClientTimeout integer how long in milliseconds to wait for a response from the ID Server 7000
ServerHeartbeatInterval integer frequency in milliseconds at which to query coordinated servers to make sure that they are still there 120000
CoordinationTimeout integer milliseconds to wait for all servers to validate a DOM change before considering it timed out 1000
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