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The Chat Panel is a HeroBlade panel that displays various messages, and can also be used to type chat commands.



If the chat panel is not active, it can be opened via the Panels Menu.


The chat panel looks similar to the console, but its purpose is to send messages over the chat system. It will also send commands if text begins with a slash (/). The purpose of the chat panel is to supersede any in-game chat GUI so that you know for a fact if your client received a chat message, rather than trusting the game GUI's implementation for correct display. The way incoming chat messages are processed and the way out going chat messages are processed are defined in the client $CHAT system node (_ChatHandlerClassMethods client script).

If your game does have a specialized Chat GUI, and it is implemented correctly, Chat Commands can be typed into that window just as easily as in the regular HeroBlade Chat Panel, either one will work.

Chat Panel commands

The Chat window can be used to invoke server-side scripts via Chat Commands.

Chat commands are commands that are issued in either HeroBlade's chat panel or your game-specific chat GUI. They are interpreted in HSL, some commands are included as a part of Clean Engine implementations of HSL systems.

Commonly used commands are:

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