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For commands that are typed into the Console Panel without a prefix, see Client Console Commands.

A CLI prefix is a leading character that precedes a CLI Command to indicate which DOM definitions or GOM database that the command should read or affect. When the CLI Command is typed into the Console Panel, the prefix instructs the interpreter on how to route the command.

See the following table for more information.

CLI prefixes

Prefix Prefix Name Client/Server DOM/GOM Destination Description
\ (reverse slash) Server (Area) Either The Area Server CLI interpreter For modifying definitions in the Area Server's DOM definitions or GOM databases. DOM definition changes will always be permanent. Changes to GOM nodes will be permanent only if they are made to a persisted node, and while the developer typing the command is in an edit instance.
| (pipe) Client DOM The Client HeroScript Compiler Server Commands sent to this location make changes to the DOM definitions on this server. This server is the authoritative source for all client-side DOM definitions information, as well as handling client-side scripts.
/ (forward slash) Client GOM The client CLI interpreter Commands sent to this interpreter will modify nodes in the client's own version of the GOM database - Note that these changes will not be persisted, and are only temporary. It is also worth noting that this slash character has nothing to do with the prefix slash that is used for GMCommands typed into the chat window, which has an entirely different purpose.
HSCS   Server (Area) DOM The HeroScript Compiler Server For most cases, this is the same as using the backslash to manipulate the server side DOM. The notable exception is the special compile server commands. When using this command, follow it with a space, for example, "hscs qn"
- (hyphen) Server (World) Either The World Server CLI Interpreter For making changes to the World Server DOM definitions and GOM database. Note that changes made to nodes will only be permanent if they are persisted nodes, otherwise they will be temporary. See GOM and Node Persistence for more information.
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