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The Assets panel is one of the workhorse panels of HeroBlade. In this panel, you can:



The title of the group box displays the name of the current room, followed by the assets that have currently been loaded into the area. If an asset is greyed out, it means that a particular asset has been loaded into the area, but there are no instances of that asset in the current Room (though there may or may not still be instances in other rooms of the same area). To see if other instances of a greyed-out asset may exist in other rooms, select a different room name either via the Area panel. The name of the room at the top of the Assets Panel will change, along with the greyed-out status of the various Asset types, as appropriate.

CurrentRoom.png GreyedOut.png

See also: Exploring an area

All Assets Menu


Right Clicking on All Assets in the Assets Panel will display a Context Menu with the following options:

Opens the Asset Library. This is the same as clicking on "Library" in the Transform Toolbar
Opens a File Selector to load an asset from the Repository into the current area (note: This just loads the asset, and does not actually create any instances of the asset)
Remove Uninstanced Assets
A special cleanup option, this unloads any assets which do not have current instances in the area
Select All Instances in Room
Selects all instances in the Current Room
Select Duplicates
Will select all assets with a duplicate position. So if two white boxes are in the exact same location it will select one of them.

Asset Menu


Right Clicking on the name of an Asset in the Assets Panel will display a Context Menu with the following options:

New Instance
Creates a new instance of that asset in the current room
Select All In Room
Selects all instances of that asset in the current room
Select All In Area
Selects all instance of that asset in the current Area
Remove Asset
Removes all instances of that asset in the Area
Replace Selected Instance With This Asset
Replaces all instances of the right clicked on asset with the currently selected asset



Clicking on an asset name, will display the instances of that asset which exist in the current room. Note that there may be other instances in the area, in different rooms.

Clicking on an instance number, will select that instance. Your viewpoint will not change, and the instance may be in a completely different part of the area, but its properties will still be displayed in the Properties Panel

To go to a selected instance, choose Go to Position in the Instances Menu.

To select multiple instances, Shift-click

Right Clicking on a menu will bring up the context menu options for an instance which are as follows:

Clone Instance
Clones the instance to create a new instance with a new ID
Remove Instance
Removes the instance
Copy Properties
Copies all of the properties on the selected instance
Paste Properties
Pastes the properties that are on the clipboard into the selected instance
Puts the selected instance into focus of the viewport
Move To Room
Moves the selected asset to the chosen room
Opens the Asset Library
Opens the Repository
See also: Duplicated instances

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