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The HeroEngine Art Pipeline allows for the transfer of art from your artists, to a Repository database, from which the art is available to the HeroBlade client that your developers use to build worlds.

This page gives a very simple overview of how the Art Pipeline works.

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Art pipeline tools and downloads referenced on this page are available to licensed developers only. Links to the downloads can be found in the downloads section located on

What the artist does

  1. Artist creates art in various different formats, such as:
  2. The in-process art is stored on the Art_Depot
  3. When ready, the artist uses the Current Exporter Package to export the art into the format used by HeroEngine.
  4. The artist uses the Repository Browser client, to copy the formatted art to the Repository

What the game designer does

Once the art is in the Repository in the proper format, it is accessible to the game designers in a variety of ways, such as:

Technical infrastructure

In the Engine infrastructure:


The process of requests being generated from HeroBlade can be observed via the Repository Requests panel, which will display all currently outstanding requests. To see the request process in action:

For a more extreme example, you could Purge your local repository cache. This will then force a re-download of everything (Note: this may take some time, several minutes to a couple hours, depending on the speed of your connection).

How it works for players

As a player moves through the world, art is rendered from what is stored in their Local Repository Cache. As they move into new areas, if any new art is not yet on the player's system, their Client sends a request to the Repository, and new art is downloaded as-needed.

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