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The Area Panel can be used to do such things as:


The Area Panel is opened via the Editors menu.

Seamless Links


This tab of the area panel contains tools used for setting up Seamless World 2.0 seamless links. Editing these links can only be done in edit instances. There are buttons here to add, remove, edit offset, switch to, and bring instances here. A full description of each option can be found in the Seamless World 2.0 page


This section of the Area panel will list what rooms are in the current area and display what area you are currently in. So if you are in the "Character selection" it will display "Rooms in Area: Character selection", but if you are in area "Central Lowlands", it will display "Area: Central Lowlands". This should be the same name as you see in the lower right of the Heroblade window, in the Status bar.

This tab of the area panel allows you to create, delete, or rename the current rooms in an area. There are also options to change skydome rotation and what environment scheme is applied to a room.

Room Visibility

This tab shows what rooms are visible from your current room. There are options for changing room visibility and debug options like dim other rooms. More information about rooms can be found at Room

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