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The HeroBlade Animation panel allows you to look at all of the character animations that have been set up through the Animation Agent Script for a particular character. It can be used to override specific animations, and/or play them to see what they look like and confirm that everything is working properly.

Hovering the mouse over most options on the panel will tell you what each does.

Animation Control

Allows you to modify the rate at which the animation clock ticks. This lets you slow down or speed up character animations for debugging purposes. You can even pause character animations entirely.


Agent Override

AP Override.png

The Animation Override pane lets you submit a particular Animation Sequence to that character's animation mixer, just as if the Animation Agent Script had done it.

To do this, first select a single character in the scene. This will then populate the Channel and Sequence dropdown boxes. You can then pick a channel and animation sequence to play on the character. Adjust the other settings and press the Override button.

This interface essentialy sends a behave anim command to the character. The exact command used is shown in the text box below the buttons. You could even copy and paste this text into the console to cause the same thing to occur as pressing the Override button. In fact, this is essentially what pressing that button does.

See also: Animation Agent Script

Agent Inputs


Each of the inputs in an Animation Agent Script for the selected character is listed in this grid. The current value of the input is shown. Note that this display only updates at the end of a frame, so if the input changes value multiple times within a frame only the final value will be shown. Since transitions can trigger on input changes, this might hide some of the actual mechanics going on in the Agent Script.

This pane is useful for debugging your Animation Agents Scripts and player behavior.

Animation Set


This pane is used to create and edit Animation Sets and their Animation Sequences.

Unlike the above panels, this does not depend on what character is selected; you can modify any animation set or sequence in the repository. In fact, this interface merely modifies the ANIMATIONSET.DAT and various .ASQ files.

files in the repository. As such, all of the Repository features, such as file history are still available via the Repository Browser.

Loading an Animation Set

Click on the ellipsis to open a File Requestor. Browse to a folder that has the ANIMATIONSET.DAT file you want and open it. The file requestor will only show ANIMATIONSET.DAT files.

Creating a New Animation Set

Click on the New Animation Set button. You will then see a folder requester. Browse to the folder where you want this animation set to exist. Make sure you pick a folder that does not already have an ANIMATIONSET.DAT file. You can now begin adding Animation Sequences to the set. Note that no files will be added to the Repository until you click the Commit Changes button.

Animation Sequences

To add or modify a sequence, choose it from the dialog box that represents the animationSet.dat. This will bring up a series of nodes on the lower half of the animation Set section. These nodes all represent various animation abilities which are detailed on this wiki under Animation Sequences. These simply edit the ASQ files that used to have to be edited by hand.

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