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Ctrl-Shift click in the upper left-hand corner of the viewport, in order to access the Utilities Interface


What is the difference between the Utilities Interface and the HotSpot Menu?

There is no difference, they are just two names for the same thing.

The menu was originally called the "HotSpot Menu" because it was accessed by clicking on a hotspot in the upper lefthand corner of the viewport. In 2009, the name of the menu was changed to "Utilities Interface" since this better reflects the current usage of the menu. However, some documentation still refers to it by the old name, and some of the underlying code (such as in GUIXML) still uses names with "HotSpot".

How do I open the Utilities Interface?

There are two ways to open the Utilities Interface.

  1. With the mouse, by CTRL-SHIFT clicking in the upper left-hand corner of the viewport.
  2. With the keyboard, by pressing Shift-F1 (on some keyboards, you may need Function Lock enabled for this to work)

How do I customize the Utilities Interface?

See also: Modifying the Utilities Interface

The Utilities Interface is controlled from a client-side system node, $HOTSPOT, that can be modified using the HeroEngine Control Panel. To do this:

method HE_buildHotSpotGUI() as NodeRef of Class GUIControl
  gui as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = CreateNodeFromPrototype("YGHotSpotGUI")
  gui.build = true
  return gui

Note that in your GUI override, each collapsible category item requires a script that can be called when clicked on. That script must implement the following shared function in order to respond to the click event:

shared function onCollapsableCategoryItemClick( args references Class GUIMouseEvent )
  var source = args.source
  where source is kindof GUILabel
    when source.text
      is "{u}Your Item Text{/}"
        // do your thing here

where {u}Your Item Name{/} is the label value of the collapsible category item you are adding. For example:

<_CollapsableCategoryItem name='Your Item' glomClass='_HotSpotItem' _hotSpotItemCheckable='false' script='YGHotSpotClassMethods'>
  <set name='text' attribute='text' value="{u}Your Item Text{/}"/>

Screenshot of the Commands tab of the Utilities Interface, pointing out how to rebuild the menu in the case of an update. Note that it uses an older name, "HotSpot Interface", but it is the same thing as the Utilities Interface.

How do I rebuild the Utilities Interface?

Sometimes on engine updates, or whenever you add new custom items, it is necessary to rebuild the Utilities Interface to see a new option.

To do this:

See also

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