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Time functions are used to deal with the concept of Time in HeroEngine.

Routine checks for time can be handled via system variables. See the Time page for commonly asked questions.

Non-routine checks are done with the following external functions, which exist on both client and server

external function DateTime(date as Integer, time as TimeInterval) as DateTime
external function StringIsDateTime( text as String ) as Boolean
external function StringIsTimeInterval( text as String ) as Boolean
external function GetGameTime() as Float
external function TimeInMilliseconds( quantity as integer )
external function TimeInSeconds( quantity as float )
external function TimeInMinutes( quantity as float )
external function TimeInHours( quantity as float )

For more information, see:

Has documentation on the TimeInQuantity functions
Covers the DateTime datatype and DateTime function

Animation game clock and animation elapsed seconds

Two other client-only external functions used for handling character animations, include:

f as float = AnimationGameClock()   // returns value of World.AnimationGameClock
f as float = AnimationElapsedSeconds()  // returns value of World.AnimationElapsedSeconds  (
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