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The texture file _cleanenginegui.dds
A texture is a specific .dds file, which may be used in a variety of different ways. Textures can be used on Characters, Creatures, GUI Controls, Speed Trees, Heightmap nodes, and Particle effects, among other things.

Textures are created in your own preferred art program, saved as a .dds file, and then made available to HeroEngine via the Repository Browser.

A few sample texture files are made available with Clean Engine, but the rest must be created by your own artists.


Types of textures

A texture file could be formatted in multiple ways, such as:

Heightmap textures

Different textures for a heightmap can be chosen by clicking on the Texture Tool TextureButton.png on the Terrain panel. Note that there can be different textures for the "color" of the heightmap and the "bumpiness" of the heightmap.

Any .dds file can be used as a Diffuse or Normal texture, by simply adding the _d.dds or _n.dds suffix; however it is usually best to use textures that have been specifically designed for the proper purpose. By default, the "Select Texture" dialog will display only textures with the proper suffix.

See also: Terrain brushes

More information

For more information, see:


See also: Keyboard shortcuts

To temporarily turn off textures, press Ctrl-N (this only works in fly mode).

See also

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