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This page gives instructions for setting up Autodesk 3ds Max. For Autodesk Maya, see Setting up Maya.

We recommend following the video tutorials first: Art Video Tutorials.

Using the Art Pipeline Installer

NOTE: If you run into any issues or errors, please verify the install was successful by following the manual setup steps and let us know what issues you encountered on the forums: HeroEngine Forums.

Manual Setup

Configure System Paths

Start up 3ds Max and select "Configure System Paths..." from the "Customize" menu:


System tab

Max setup 1.png

3rd Party Plug-Ins tab

Note: Do Not check "Add Subpaths" in the "Choose Directory for New Entry" dialog.

Max setup 2.png

If you used the art depot installer then your path will be C:\HeroEngine\ArtDepot\HeroEngineArtPipeline, but your team may be using a networked or different setup, so your path might differ. Network paths are acceptable here as well for one central location of the tools.

Exit and restart Max

At this point, you must exit and restart Max in order for it to load the new scripts and plugins

MAXScript Utilities menu

To see if the System Paths are setup for the scripts and plug-in, click on the 3ds Max Utilities tab panel, then toggle on the MAXScript button. Below will be a Utilities drop down menu that should have new "Hero" menus such as the Hero Character Tools and Hero Export scripts.

3dsMax MAXScript Utilities.JPG

3ds Max Units Setup

One(1) HeroEngine unit is equal to 10 meters. In order to configure 3ds Max such that each unit demarcation in the Max grid will be equal to one meter, do the following:

Units Setup


System Unit Setup


Note: It is possible to build assets in other units scale, however our MAXScript tools are built for the suggested scale listed above.

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