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For a tutorial on this concept, see Room Visibility Tutorial.

Room visibilty or "Rooming" is a method by which we control visibility and keep framerate up in HeroEngine. In addition to Rooms, HeroEngine also employs a middleware solution called DPVS to occlude and reduce rendering time.

Assigning objects to a room, however, is still a valuable way of controlling visibility. For instance, there's no reason for a cave den far below the earth to be visible to players running around in a forest. Putting the den (and all the objects associated with it) in its own room makes rendering much more efficient.

When you create a room, you must also designate what rooms it can "see". The way to configure Room Visibility is in the Area Panel.

There are multiple ways to configure which rooms can see other rooms. In the above example, RoomB can see the rooms directly connected to it, but not a heightmap further away.

Modifying Room Visibility with the Area Panel

  1. Open the Area Panel
  2. Set the Active Room, either by going there in Auto mode, or by selecting the room name in the Room sub-panel of the Area Panel.
  3. Select the Room Visibility tab
  4. Put checks next to every room you want this room to "See"
    Note: This will NOT back-connect the rooms.

Moving objects to a different room

At the time that an object is created, it will automatically be assigned to the current room. To assign it to a different room:

  1. Select one or more objects to be reassigned. HeroBladeTransformSelect.png
    • You can select multiple objects using the Windows standard "hold down the mouse and drag to select", or
    • Hold CTRL to add to a selection.
  2. Open the Assets panel
  3. Scroll down to the "Move to Room" section.
  4. Select the room you want to move the objects to from the dropdown menu list.
    You can create a new room here if you need to, by selecting New... from the list.
  5. Click the "Move to" link and everything will be put in that room.
    If you selected New... you will be prompted for the new room name.

As a doublecheck, when you finish moving objects to a new room, you should then go to that room and use "Dim Other" to make sure that everything is in the room that should be there. Objects that are shaded red mean that though they are geographically within the room's bounding box, they actually belong to a different room, so they may need to be fixed.

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