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PhysicsType is a property which can be set on a per-instance basis, via the Properties panel, to define how that instance will react with Physics. Possible values are:

These objects are unmoving within the world. A lamppost is a static object. Players can collide with them, but the static objects will never be doing anything else that requires physics. Unless overridden, the automatic representation for a static object is the original artwork mesh. This can be modified for efficiency or appropriateness (see Physics Shape Editor).
Used for moving objects, which can bump, roll, fall, be collided with, and react to collision. As in most physics engines, any object which is made to be Dynamic, has its representation automatically set as a Convex Hull, which is sufficient 99% of the time. This too can be modified with the Physics Shape Editor, or on a per-instance basis via the Property panel
Used for an asset which is applying some non-gravity force in the area, such as wind
Removes the asset from the physics simulation in the area. A character who walks into a "No Physics" object will simply pass right through it.

Note: Dynamic objects should not have a parent/child relationship with other dynamic objects, as this can cause unpredictable results. The way to link such objects is to use a Physics Joint via the Physics Toolbar

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