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The Paths Panel can be accessed via the Panels Menu in HeroBlade. It is used to create and manage Waypoint paths and their followers. It has three main sections:

Paths section

This section lists the current paths available in the current Area. Clicking on a path will cause its related Waypoints to be displayed in the lower section.

This section also has links that allow you to Create Follower or Select Followers.

When a Follower is created, it will appear on the currently-selected path.

Note: After creating a follower, it may be necessary to click on Select Followers to see it in the viewport, and have access to its Properties.

If a follower still is not visible, double-check that Follower visibility is turned on in the Filters Menu.

Arrival Paths

By default, the MMO Foundation Framework's travel system will attempt to place a character arriving in an area at an arrival path if one exists. If no arrival path exists, the arriving character will be placed at (0,0,0). A character will be positioned randomly at one of the waypoints of the path.

An arrival path is created using the like Create Arrival.

Waypoints section

This section will display the waypoints of the currently-selected path. Waypoints can also be added or inserted here, to the currently-selected path.

Clicking on the color swatch will allow you to change the color of the waypoints for that path. This can help in distinguishing which waypoints are associated with which path. Changing the color will change all waypoints on that path. It is not possible to have waypoints of different colors on the same path.

Clicking on Goto will move your character or viewpoint (as appropriate) to the selected waypoint.

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