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While in Fly Mode, pressing CTRL-O in HeroBlade will toggle Overhead Mode (also known as "Top-Down Mode"). It is useful when you are laying terrain or setting down assets.

Overhead View is an orientation of the camera reminiscent of Real-Time Strategy Games. In Overhead View, you are looking down, viewing the world as though from an airplane. Your controls are limited to keep your view aligned with the ground.

While in Overhead Mode, the movement keys work differently than in Character Mode or Fly Mode. Movement in Overhead Mode is:

Leaving Overhead Mode

Pressing "CTRL-O" will toggle you in and out of this mode.



While in Overhead Mode, holding down the left or right mouse buttons while moving the mouse will allow you to revolve the viewpoint around a point in space, rather than rotating from a single location.

The Mouse controls can also be used to move the viewpoint up and down, which might cause confusion if it appears that you are in non-Overhead view and the keyboard shortcuts are not working as expected. To tell if you are in Overhead View or not, check the GUI display in the bottom righthand corner of the viewport. While in Overhead Mode, it will say "OVERHEAD cam (CTRL+O)".

Historical note

In pre-1.23 versions of HeroBlade, Overhead Mode was called "Top-Down Mode" or "Top-Down Camera" and was accessed by tapping "T". However, this caused occasional confusion, as it was too easy to enter Top-Down Mode. So in version 1.23, the "T" method was removed, and Top-Down Mode was changed to "Overhead Mode", which requires tapping CTRL-O instead of "T".

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