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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

Organizer CLI commands are a subset of CLI commands which are used exclusively by the Client to obtain the information that is displayed in the Organizer panel. The commands will probably never need to be typed in manually, but are listed here for reference.


When the client is first booted, the Organizer panel contains no data. The client then sends a rapid batch of Organizer commands to the various servers (Area server, World server, Client compiler server, Server HeroScript Compiler Server, etc.) These commands can be observed by monitoring the servers via the Master Control Console, which will result in the commands being displayed in the Logging window.

As the information is received back from the respective servers, it is displayed in the Organizer Panel, as appropriate.


Command Name Description
PORGADD Modify Prototype Organizer Folder Add Prototype PORGADD <prototype organizer folder identifier>, <prototype identifier>
PORGCP Modify Prototype Organizer Folder Parent PORGCP <prototype organizer folder identifier>, <new parent folder identifier>
PORGCN Modify Prototype Organizer Folder Name PORGCN <prototype organizer folder identifier>, <new name>
PORGCD Modify Prototype Organizer Folder Description PORGCD <prototype organizer folder identifier>, <new description>
PORGRE Delete Prototype Organizer Folder PORGRE <prototype organizer folder identifier>
[[PORGREI Modify Prototype Organizer Folder Remove Prototype PORGREI <prototype organizer folder identifier>, <prototype identifier>
PORGLIST List Prototype Organizer Folder's Children Folders and Prototypes PORGLIST <prototype organizer folder identifier>
PORGCRCO Create Prototype Organizer Folder PORGCRCO <parent prototype organizer folder identifier>, <prototype organizer folder name>, <prototype organizer folder description>
PORGDE Describe Prototype Organizer Folder PORGDE <prototype organizer folder identifier>
PORGDUMP Show Entire Prototype Organizer PORGDUMP
SORGADD Modify Script Organizer Folder Add Script SORGADD <script organizer folder identifier>, <script organizer>
SORGCP Modify Script Organizer Folder Parent SORGCP <script organizer folder identifier>, <new parent folder identifier>
SORGCN Modify Script Organizer Folder Name SORGCN <script organizer folder identifier>, <new name>
SORGCD Modify Script Organizer Folder Description SORGCD <script organizer folder identifier>, <new description>
SORGRE Delete Script Organizer Folder SORGRE <script organizer folder identifier>
SORGREI Modify Script Organizer Folder Remove Script SORGREI <script organizer folder identifier>, <script identifier>
SORGLIST List Script Organizer Folder's Children Folders and Scripts SORGLIST <script organizer folder identifier>
SORGCRCO Create Script Organizer Folder SORGCRCO <parent script organizer folder identifier>, <script organizer folder name>, <script organizer folder description>
SORGDE Describe Script Organizer Folder SORGDE <script organizer folder identifier>
SORGDUMP Show Entire Script Organizer SORGDUMP
SORGDESC Modify Script Description SORGDESC <script identifier>, <new description>
AORGADD Modify Area Organizer Folder Add Area AORGADD <area organizer folder identifier>, <area identifier>
AORGCP Modify Area Organizer Folder Parent AORGCP <area organizer folder identifier>, <new parent>
AORGCN Modify Area Organizer Folder Name AORGCN <area organizer folder identifier>, <new name>
AORGCD Modify Area Organizer Folder Description AORGCD <area organizer folder identifier>, <new description>
AORGRE Delete Area Organizer Folder AORGRE <area organizer folder identifier>
AORGREI Modify Area Organizer Folder Remove Area AORGREI <area organizer folder identifier>, <area identifier>
AORGLIST List Area Organizer Folder's Children Folders and Areas AORGLIST <area organizer folder identifier>
AORGDUMP Show Entire Area Organizer AORGDUMP
AORGSEGS List All Area Segments AORGSEGS
AORGLIVE List All Instances of an Area AORGLIVE <area name>
AORGCRCO Create Area Organizer Folder AORGCRCO <parent area organizer folder identifier>, <area organizer folder name>, <area organizer folder description>
AORGDE Describe Area Organizer Folder AORGDE <area organizer folder identifier>
AORGAN Query Area Name AORGAN <area identifier>
AORGRENAM Modify Area Name AORGRENAM <area identifier>, <new name>
AORGDESC Modify Area Description AORGDESC <area identifier>, <new description>
AORGCPACKAGE Modify Area Distribution Package AORGCPACKAGE <area identifier>, <new package>
AORGSEGN Create Area Segment AORGSEGN <area segment name>
AORGMAPN Create Area Mapset AORGMAPN <parent area segment name>, <mapset name>
AORGNEW Create Area AORGNEW <area segment name>, <area mapset name>, <area name>; <area name after creation>
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