How to Import an Area

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Area import is a system for importing an Area's Heightmaps, Rooms, models, environmental settings, and other assets into another area. When properly done, the Area being imported from is left intact and untouched by this process.

Ideally, you use this to "copy" an area. It is not advised at this time that you import one area into an already-developed area.


This is a major step. Area import is an unstable procedure that should only be used by advanced users. For instance, it does not import the following:

Additionally, running an import can cause the Area Server process to become unresponsive and shut down. This usually happens when importing extremely large areas. For this reason, it is advised that you warn others who are working in HeroBlade that you are about to do an import, or schedule imports of large areas for times when it is convenient for your team.

Area Import has no easy undo. It is strongly advised that if you are trying to import from one area into an already-developed area that you use Area Checkpoints to save a version of the Area from pre-Import. We do not recommend this, however. Area Imports should always be done into pristine, new Areas, when possible.


Before importing an area, make sure you have a completely clean Edit instance to import into. You should delete the default heightmap.

To import an area:

  1. It is strongly advised that you use a completely blank area for an Import. Make sure you delete all assets.
    1. You may also wish to rename the default room to something else, so that you can delete it later, once you have confirmed the Import was successful.
  2. Create or enter the Edit Instance of the Area that you want to be imported into.
  3. Open your Organizer panel.
  4. Navigate to the Area you will be importing from.
  5. Right-click on the name of the Area you will be importing from.
    1. Select "Import..." from the dialog box
  6. This will cause a dialog to appear. It says:
    This will copy everything from area X into the current area (Y). There is no easy undo. The area server will be unresponsive during the operation and possibly shutdown due to timeout. Once it is done, the DAT files will be written and anyone in the area must leave and return to continue.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The import process should begin.

Once the import is done, you must shut down and spin up the area for the changes to take effect. To do so, go to another, different Area and once again use the Right-Hand menu in the Organizer panel. Perform a Shutdown Instance on the Edit Instance of the area you Imported into. After it spins down, you can enter the Area again, and should find your changes there.

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