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Release: HeroEngine 2.5

Codename: Quartz

Internal Branch Versions

Release Dates: March 2014 - Present

Quartz is a major inter-release update to HeroEngine Sapphire. This release includes a number of major feature, functionality, and performance changes and improvements.

This page contains information and links on new features, changes, and fixes in the current HeroEngine 2.5 Quartz.d or later release. Information on prior releases can be found at HeroEngine Quartz (Older Revisions).

Obtaining the Release

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Vista is now the minimum supported client operating system. 64-bit (x64) versions of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 are recommended.

In a future, major release, HeroEngine clients will require a 64-bit (x64) client operating system. This will increase client performance, and allow the client to access and utilize more memory than the current 32 bit (x86) executable client.

The HeroEngine Art Pipeline 2015.1 requires a 64-bit (x64) operating system.

Major Feature Summary

The following is a list of major features expected to be included in this release and is not a guarantee of the availability of the feature in the final release.

DirectMusic has been removed. This should not be an issue, as only the legacy Hero's Journey Reference worlds were using this legacy API. A discussion of how Hero's Journey was updated from DirectMusic to FMOD Studio can be found on the FMOD Studio page.

If you are starting a new project, or have not started audio work on an existing project, we recommend using the new FMOD Studio, instead of the older FMOD Ex which has been discontinued by FMOD developer Firelight.

FMOD Studio not only supports project-based files, but also supports a full-range of options for WAV, MP3, and XMA audio files as well.

Art Pipeline

Please note that the HeroEngine Art Pipeline 2015.1 requires a 64-bit (x64) operating system.


Build System

Deployment/Patching/Installation Infrastructure


All client and server GUI's are now localizable.

Updated Korean language strings strings are included in the release.

Breaking GUI Editor / GUI XML Changes

Some existing GUI XML files may have been missing texture coordinates, or may have had incorrect texture coordinates for some textures. This is seen as incorrect rendering of textured GUI elements in the new release. Opening the affected GUI in the GUI Editor, fixing the texture coordinates, and re-saving will fix the problem.

Some existing GUI controls may have been rendered without the correct textureFilter setting taken into account. A GUI control with a crisp and sharp texture should have the textureFilter set to FALSE. Setting textureFilter to TRUE will cause the GUI control with a texture to linearly filter the texture which can be used to remove jaggy lines from images used in the GUI.

HeroScript Language (HSL), DOM, Database, and Foundation Framework

New Functions

GetGraphicsOptionValue / SetGraphicsOptionValue Changes

Audio / Sound External Function Changes

All of the HeroScript external functions for playing audio clips have been updated to use non-project files (e.g.: WAV, MP3, XMA) through FMOD Studio .

More information on these functions can be found on the Sound functions page.

For completeness, FMOD Ex versions of these functions have also been created. However, please keep in mind that their functionality is very limited compared to what's available through FMOD Studio.

Enhancements & Corrections

Returns: X = Pitch, Y = Heading, Z = 0, in degrees. Z is hardcoded to 0 as this function only builds a heading vector, and doesn’t have an up vector to use to calculate the roll. Previous documentation indicated that this function returned a valid Z/roll value, which is not correct

Quartz.E Enhancements & Corrections

HeroBlade Editor and Player Client

New Features

Quartz.e New Features

Quartz.H New features

Quartz.I New features

Quartz.J New features

Quartz.k New Features


Quartz.e Enhancements

Quartz.k Enhancements


Quartz.e Corrections

Quartz.F Corrections

Quartz.G Corrections

Quartz.H Corrections

Quartz.I Corrections

Quartz.J Corrections

Quartz.k Corrections

Player Client

This section includes Player Client specific changes.  General client changes are listed above under HeroBlade

New Features



Repository Browser

Please note there is an implicit 2 GB size limit on uploaded file size, and 4 GB size limit on downloaded file size. In practice, and due to memory addressing limitations, the 32-bit (x86) Repository Browser is limited to maximum upload sizes of approximately 512 MB - 1 GB, and slightly larger maximum download sizes. In a future release, the 64-bit (x64) Repository Browser is able to upload and download the maximum supported file sizes.

New Features


For performance reasons, you cannot drag & drop files from the remote repository window to Windows Explorer. If necessary, drag & drop the files from the remote repository window directly into the local directory in the local directory window.


Quartz.E Corrections

Server Processes

New Features


Quartz.E Corrections

Quartz.k Corrections

Master Control Console

New Features



Server Utilities

New Features

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