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After installing HeroEngine why does it take a so long to start HeroBlade for the first time?

If you installed HeroBlade HE0 separately, then it can take a while (depending on your connection speed) for all of the game content to be streamed down to your local repository cache (which is normally populated during the installation process above). You can watch HeroBlade's file requests by opening the Repository Request panel via the Panels Menu. If you don't see rapid changes occurring, then the odds are good that you are downloading the files and it may take awhile for your initial login. Once downloaded (or installed), files are stored in the local repository cache on your computer and you do not have to re-download them if they have not changed.

Does HeroEngine support object snapping?

Defining "right spot" is trickier than you might think; however HeroEngine does support snap settings for objects.


Using these capabilities and the "add at selection" option, allows you to easily assemble things that utilize the same settings. For example, a set of row house models would all be exported with the same snap settings so you could just add at selection, hold down CTRL and use the Translation tool {{translate|| to move the house X snaps to the left/right of the selected house. Hero's Journey utilized these capabilities extensively for building castle walls, fences, and other items that all need to connect perfectly.

Is there a button I can press to focus on a selected object?

Yes. When in Camera mode, mouse button 4 (the "Back" button) moves the camera to frame the currently selected object.

The keyboard shortcut CTRL-G also performs the same functionality.

Is there a way to disable the spell/attack user interface?

Yes. This is under script control. In Hero's Journey, it can be toggled while in character mode by using CTRL-G. Note that in camera mode, CTRL-G does something different (focusing on a selected object), so be sure you are in character mode first, either by clicking on the image of the character in the Transform Toolbar, Character tool.png or tapping the reverse apostrophe key: "`".

Is there a way to toggle object tooltips?

Yes, you can utilize the keyboard shortcut CTRL-T to toggle tooltips on and off. These will provide information about the object under the mouse.

What causes the gizmo of a selected object to resize and relocate itself?

The size of the gizmo is based on the distance to the object when the object was selected and is placed at the local space origin for the object (as defined by the artist). When you have multiple objects selected, the gizmo is placed at the median of all of the points.

Why do loaded models float above the ground when their pivots are in their bottom?

New instances are not automatically added "on the ground". Instead, new instance positioning is based on one of three choices, chosen at the time of instance creation:

At the camera 
The new instance is added near the camera. Note that in cases where the object is very large, this may result in the camera being "inside" the object.
At selection 
Instance is added at the position of the selected object. This is particularly useful for objects that utilize snap settings.
At origin 
Instance is added at the origin of the area: (0,0,0)

Using the Asset Library, you can specific which behavior you wish via the dropdown box.

Dropdown box in the Asset Library

The Instances menu of the Assets Panel also has Location options for adding an instance.

Instances Menu on the Assets Panel

Why does HeroBlade not save my settings when I close it?

HeroBlade does not preserve those changes by design. This ensures that it is in a known fresh working state each time it is started. However, this can be controlled via script, since HeroScript can set almost every render option exposed by HeroBlade. This allows you to implement persistence of that configuration on the server or client as needed by your game design. During startup, you can then utilize your persisted configuration to set (via external functions) the options you want for HeroBlade and/or the player client.

Why is HeroBlade's camera navigation different than the one used in 3DMax and Maya?

HeroBlade's navigation could be said to be "World Navigation" as opposed to the object-centric navigation of Max or Maya. This shares common behaviors found in First Person Shooters and MMOs, making it a very approachable control scheme for most non-artists. While it would be nice to add the option to swap to a more object-centric navigation scheme, our experience has been that users swiftly pick up HeroBlade's control scheme, so it has not been a priority.

Why is it so difficult to select an object when another object is already selected?

aka Selection Problems:

There are several reasons that it might be difficult to select an object:

However, there are also several ways to select "difficult" objects:

To see whether or not an object has been set to unselectable:

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