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The GM Notes system facilitates an in-game collaborative environment for developers and world builders. By creating notes at specific locations of interest, users may more easily communicate details about the area. The GM Notes panel is accessible from the Tools Menu.

What problem(s) does this solve?

When communicating between remote team members, describing how an area should be modified or where visual problems occur, is extremely difficult to explain with words alone. Even screenshots can be tricky when trying to provide a concrete display of the subject matter. GM Notes allows for specific explanations to be made much more clear.

What problems(s) does this not solve?


The ability to have in-game context for user collaboration provides a streamlined interface for communication.

Notes List

The Notes list is a high level listing of all available notes in an area.

Creating a Note

By selecting the Add button in the Notes List section, you will be prompted to name the new GM Note.

Removing a Note

Removing a note is done by highlighting the specific note within the list and selecting Remove

Opening a Note

Opening a note is done by highlighting the desired note in the Notes List, then either double-clicking or pressing the Open button.

Once a note is opened, this becomes the Close button and may be used to exit the GM Notes system.

Signaling a Note

In some cases there could be a long list of GM Notes available for viewing. Signaling a Note causes the interface to provide a flashing red indicator next to the note which is currently being viewed.


Once a note has been opened, the viewport will now act as a drawing board. Using the mouse, the user may draw on the viewport to highlight areas that may need work or to whiteboard what the are should look like when completed.

Example of Note Drawing

GMNotes Drawing.png


All of the brush tools use the color selected from the color picker when drawing on the viewport.


This slider determines the thickness of the lines that will be drawn when using any of brushes.


There are 5 main brushes that can be used when editing a GM note to draw on the viewport.

Editing Tools

These tools allow you to edit the contents of whats been drawn on the viewport

Note data

This section is used to provide specific information about what has been drawn onto the viewport. This could include comments, questions, and suggestions about a Note. You may also change the name of a Note by editing the Name field.
GMNotes NoteData.jpg

Who's watching?

This section provides a listing of all Users who are currently viewing/modifying the GM Note.
GMNotes Watching.jpg

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