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The following Additional Tools for 3ds Max are a set of tools for Artists and Animators working in 3ds Max. These tools are provided as bonus tools to help automate and simplify many of the operations within 3ds Max as they apply to HeroEngine.

Hero Asset Tools

The Hero Asset Tools window has multiple functions that aid in asset naming, custom snap settings, and a method for automatic layout.

Hero Character Tools

This tool aids in the setup of the initial directory structure and base files for a new character. It writes out all the appropriate Hero Character and Hero Animation Text files, export the Character Skeleton, an idle Animation (in bind pose), and a Dynamic Character Part if chosen. After running this setup tool, you will be ready to upload the new directories and files for the character into the Repository Broswer, and follow a readme.txt file for using the /HENPC commands to see your character in HeroBlade.

The idea is to easily get the character basics in-game first, then you can iterate on the character more with the main Hero Export methods.

Hero Utilities

Hero Utilities is a series of handy tools for your daily business as an artists using HeroEngine. It has some specialized tools and some tools that are in other parts of 3ds Max and just duplicated here for convenience.

Hero Animation Tools

Animation Tools lets you keep track of any number of animations in a single Max file and batch export sections allowing for sets of animations to be kept in a single scene file. Please note, Animation Tools is an old tool that was created for the Hero's Journey team, and was never completed or attended to be used outside of the Hero's Journey game team. It's not available in Maya nor is it supported by the Hero Engine team.

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