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See also: Getting started with HeroBlade

This page provides tips and tricks for exploring someone else's area with the HeroBlade tools. Tips on this page may also be useful when entering an area where you may have gotten "lost" or disconnected from things that have been created.

If you are new to HeroEngine, it is strongly recommended that first you work through the Getting started with HeroBlade tutorial.

Choose an area

To see what areas are in a given world, open the Organizer panel.

If unsure which area to try first, a good area to explore is one in the Hero's Journey Reference World, such as "Three Points Plaza", or look in the "Cities" folder for some complex areas. Note that some areas in HJ Reference may have monsters in them which will try to attack your character! If you wish to explore safely, stick to Camera mode, or if your character is killed, type /DEMO REZZ into the Chat panel to resurrect.

Tool tips

See also: Keyboard shortcuts

As a fast way to get information about anything that you can see in the viewport:

Press Ctrl-T, to turn on Tool tips. Now, hovering your mouse over any asset in the viewport will give you detailed information about its art properties. To turn Tool tips off, toggle it again with CTRL-T.

Look around

Important: When adjusting environment settings in an area while exploring, please ensure that you are in a play instance, so that your changes are not saved!

Explore in camera mode

To see what is in an area, one quick way is to get a bird's eye view:

Find a nearby object

Note: If your character appears to be standing in a grey void, it may be because your character is in a room which is not able to see other rooms (for example, this is the regular configuration of the Everywhere Room). To see other parts of the area, choose another roomname, such as the Default Room, from the Area Panel.

To find the nearest object, and not sure which to choose (or if you can't see any), HeroBlade will often be able to choose one for you:

Note: If the above steps do not appear to do anything, proceed to the next section, to determine if there are any assets in your area instance.

Investigate other nearby assets

Part of the "Three Points Plaza" area in Hero's Journey

Investigating distant assets

If you can see something in the distance and wish to visit it:

Investigate assets in other rooms


As you select the different rooms in the room menu, different assets should become bolded and greyed out, reflecting what is associated with each room. You may also see assets appear and disappear in the viewport, depending on how close you are to them.

To investigate an asset that you can see, follow one of the steps in the above function.

To go to one of the distant assets that you cannot yet see in the viewport:

Moving between rooms

Dissect an effect

If you see an interesting effect in an area, and you're not sure how it's done, and you can't seem to select it, it may be being done with something other than normal model assets. For example, you may be looking at a light or particle effect. To tell for sure, try turning things on or off with the Filters menu:

Dissect a trigger

At this point you may simply want to go into character mode and step on the trigger to see what happens. Or to get more technical:

For more information understanding the functions or methods involved with triggers, see Trigger events.

Look for unusual assets

To get a sense of what is in an area besides the normal visible assets:

Once you have the obvious items turned off with the Filters menu, try using the selection tool HeroBladeTransformSelect.png to click and drag a rectangle somewhere in your view. Anything that remains selectable, is probably an unusual kind of asset that might be worth investigating.

Zoom in on an asset. If you're not sure what it is, you might use trial and error with the filters menu to try and toggle it on and off, or open the Properties panel and look at its Type to determine what it is.

Look for specific assets

To find the particle effects in an area:

Go back to the filters menu and turn Model visibility back on, to see the models "around" the particle effect.

From here, go on to explore other effects, other areas, or other interesting effects. For example, look for all the Trigger assets in an area, and then bring your character to stand on them and see if something happens. Or open the trigger's properties and examine them to see if you can determine what it is supposed to do.

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