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[[Image:Scheme tutorial light.PNG|1000px]]
[[Image:Scheme tutorial light.PNG|1000px]]
[[Image:Scheme tutorial fog.PNG|1000px]]
==Observe changes over time==
==Observe changes over time==

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He beginner.png

This is a beginner-level tutorial, which gives the basic steps to create an environment scheme.

In this tutorial, we will:

Create an environment scheme

Set options for light color and fog

Scheme tutorial light.PNG HeroBladeEnvironmentSchemeTutorialFog.png

Observe changes over time

At the top of the environment panel is a "Speed of Day" box, with controls underneath it.

Change the light color over time

Scheme tutorial light settings small.PNG

Change light intensity over time

Scheme tutorial light intensity settings small.PNG

Set time to pass automatically

Add clouds


At this point, the clouds will probably appear white, regardless of the time of day. To change this, such as to have them show color, and fade away at night:

More options

The best way to learn about many other features in the Environment Panel, is to experiment! Have fun.  :)

Suggestions of things to try:


To learn more about environment-related HSL functions, search on SetEnviro in the Client Scripts, via the Script Editor.

See also

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