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For sky which is a static asset that does not change, see Skydomes.

Dynamic sky is the term used to denote a dynamic environment scheme, which changes over time. This allows for lighting and other environment visuals to change over the course of a game day.

A dynamic environment scheme has a lighting color timeline, with a dynamic sky. The lighting and fog parameters change based on the timeline.

Examples of things that can be done with dynamic environment schemes include:

Static environment schemes

A static environment scheme is one in which the lighting does not change over time. If a player is in a room with a static environment scheme, a skybox is visible instead of a dynamic sky.

Other environment scheme options

Other options available with environment schemes (static or dynamic) include:

Copying sky settings

Dynamic sky settings can be copied/pasted from area to area. Style settings can also be set to flow on an automated basis from a master area to other "clone" areas. This is done with the /HESTYLESET command.

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