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He server.png Documentation on this page is intended for customers of HeroEngine managing their own server(s).

The Dude Server is a dynamic process which handles the connection to the clients. There can be more than one Dude Server running at once to handle multiple users. The Dude Server opens connections to the various servers the player may need. It forwards login information to the Authenticator when users log in.

All communication from the client (except for Repository requests) passes through the Dude Server and is forwarded to other server processes. As the gatekeeper, the Dude Server verifies that all messages from clients have valid formats, and prevents several categories of denial of service attacks from affecting the servers.

The Dude Server also plays a key role in the Replication system. It is at this level where Bandwidth Control takes place to manage constraints on bandwidth between the server and each connected client.

A Dude Server is intended to handle roughly a thousand users.

Configuration values

The Dude Server processes are started by the Dude Manager Director, which contains the configuration values.

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