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*Maximize the HeroBlade, to see if the panel might be hiding somewhere. Also, if you are using a two-monitor setup, check to see if the panel might have been placed on a different monitor.
*Maximize the HeroBlade, to see if the panel might be hiding somewhere. Also, if you are using a two-monitor setup, check to see if the panel might have been placed on a different monitor.
If none of the above steps don't work, you may have a corrupted configuration, so delete your [[XML]] files:  
If none of the above steps don't work, you may have a corrupted configuration, so delete your [[HeroBlade Interface]] files:  
*Close HeroBlade  
*Close HeroBlade  

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This page features common problems with HeroBlade installation and usage, and how to fix them.

Minimum Requirements

While HeroEngine will benefit from higher end systems, these are the minimum system requirements required to run HeroEngine

I'm Getting "3D Subsystem Failed to Initialize" Errors

It's not letting me Connect and I know the Servers are Up!

It's not accepting my command!

If you keep trying to do something like moving an asset, deleting an instance, or creating something new, and your changes don't seem to "take", this is usually a result of having lost connection to the server. Check your Errors panel for a disconnection message. Also, try closing HeroBlade and reconnecting.

I can't seem to move an asset

If you're using one of the Transform Toolbar tools such as "Select and Translate", TranslateTool.png ensure that you're highlighting one of the Gizmo axes to a yellow color, before clicking and dragging.

If the object still doesn't move, it may be because the "Snap to grid" is turned on, and you're not dragging it far enough to the next grid location.

I can't find the instance I just placed

To get the Instance to pop up, go to the Assets Panel, find the asset you added in the upper section where they are sorted by type, select it, and then look down in the "Instances" section and select the instance you're looking for. A highlighting box will appear around the instance once you select it (if you are facing in the correct direction), which should make it easier to spot.

If the above doesn't work, try one of the following:


Another option is:

Lastly, if nothing else works:

Note: The instance may also have seemingly disappeared because you may be in a different Room. Click on "All" in the Rooms Toolbar to turn on all rooms and see if that makes it pop up. Be aware that in the Assets Panel, it will only display instances in your current room, regardless of whether or not "All" is selected in the Rooms Toolbar.

My character appears floating in the middle of the sky

Usually this can be fixed by using the Fly Mode camera to fly to a floor somewhere, and then switch back to Character Mode. Note that the Fly Mode viewpoint has to get close enough to a floor for this to work, otherwise the character may stay floating.

If that doesn't work, check that your character's "snap" setting is set to TRUE. See Character Behave Commands for more. For example, in the Console panel, if your character's ID were 186925453434, you might need to type:

behave 186925453434 snap true

If the snap were set to FALSE, then that would explain why the character did not "snap" to the floor.

I can't move!

See "If you get stuck" in the Starting HeroBlade section.

One of my HeroBlade panels is broken/missing/buggy

If none of the above steps don't work, you may have a corrupted configuration, so delete your HeroBlade Interface files:

Windows XP
c:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\heroblade(name)
Windows Vista/7
c:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\HEROBLADE<deploy name>

For more information, such as how to backup a particular configuration of panels (for example if you wish to copy the configuration to another computer), see HeroBlade Interface.

How do I purge my Repository Cache?

Note: The location of the Local Repository Cache is defined by a client configuration, in the CacheFilePath variable. To see the appropriate path for your configuration, use the Master Control console. See Editing client configuration values.

To purge the cache:

Windows XP (Example path, the actual path may vary)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HeroEngine\Repository\1001\

Windows Vista/7 (Example path, the actual path may vary)

Depending on when your HeroCloud world was setup your path may look something more like:
C:\ProgramData\"Your World Name"\Repository

There is also an ASSETS folder that holds the actual assets. The numbered folders is the SQLite map into the ASSETS folder. To completely delete the local cache, you must also delete the ASSETS folder. If the ASSETS folder is deleted, all other numbered folders must be deleted as well.

Note: After purging the LRC, HeroBlade might run very slowly when next started up, as it has to re-download the things that it needs. On a slow connection, this could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. To observe the process of requests going from HeroBlade to the Repository Server, open the Repository Requests panel.

When I run HeroBlade, everything else on my computer slows down!

HeroBlade, like any high-end 3D engine, is going to stress your CPU and GPU. If you want to work with other applications at the same time, but your computer runs unacceptably slow, there are various things you can do to speed things up:

call settings setbooltrue;belownormalpriority
This will make HeroBlade, on startup, set its process priority in Windows to a low priority. To set the HeroBlade priority back to normal, type the following into the Console panel:
call settings setboolfalse;belownormalpriority
To see the current setting, check the Windows Task Manager. Whichever value shows up when HeroBlade is first launched, is its current default.

When I run HeroBlade, it runs really slowly

During development, HeroBlade can occasionally get quite slow, especially when trying to draw several things at once, such as when several developers are working on the same area. To speed up game performance in these situations, try the following:

I am using HeroBlade with a non-English version of Windows XP. Is there something I should know?

Your Windows XP regional settings for "Numbers, Currency, and Date Format" MUST be set for US_ENGLISH.

What's this weird flashing checkerboard texture on some objects?

A flashing texture is an alert that HeroEngine is not finding one of the textures that is needed for that particular object. For details on how to fix this, see Flashing textures.

My screen is red (or cyan or some other solid color) when I look certain directions!

So far, this has been caused by interactions between the dynamic gamma system and older video card drivers. Make sure you have the absolute latest from your manufacturer. If you still have problems, contact your HeroEngine representative.

It is also possible that you may be in Room Visibility mode, which renders objects outside your Current Room with a reddish tinge. Press F7 to try toggling out of "Dim Other" mode, or click on the yellow box in the Rooms Toolbar to see if this might be the case.

When I unlock my machine, polygons in HeroBlade are all over the place, and then I usually blue screen!

If your monitor is in power save mode when you go to unlock it, try disabling the power save feature. Set Control panel -> Display properties -> Screen Saver Tab -> Power... -> Turn off monitor to Never. Power save mode has been known to interact poorly with applications on certain video cards.

When installing an update I get an error message saying that one of the files is not a valid previous version!

If this happens with HeroBlade the work around is to go to the directory you have installed HeroBlade into such as C:\Program Files\Play.Net\Tools\HeroBlade and delete HeroBlade.exe. Then launch HeroBlade again. This will force a full install.

Error messages

All my stuff disappeared!

The first thing to consider is whether your work in your last session was being done in a Play instance and not in an Edit instance. If you were not in an edit instance when you made changes, then some of your work was probably unfortunately lost. To go to an edit instance version of the area to continue your work, click on the area name at bottom right in the HeroBlade Status Bar and choose "Go Edit Instance".

If you're sure that you were in an edit instance, and you still can't find any of the items that you previously created, it's possible that they're there, but you're just not seeing them. Try one of the following:
The RTENOTITLE, though it can be seen from everywhere, cannot see other rooms.

My heightmap changes disappeared

This would usually be from one of two reasons:

I can't change the heightmap!

If you are trying to use tools from the Terrain panel, but the heightmap is not changing, check the following:

More details below:

If you cannot modify a heightmap, it's possible that one of the limiters may be turned on and preventing the modification

What else should I try?

Try reviewing the tutorials such as:

You are also of course welcome to contact the Hero Engine team via the Forums.

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