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See also: Full List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Camera modes

There are three basic camera modes to be aware of:

Game Mode

In Game Mode (shortcut: the ` or ~ key, to the left of the number 1), you control your character normally using WASD movement.

  • W is forward
  • A is left (strafe)
  • S is backwards
  • D is right (strafe)

When you first log in with HeroBlade, you should be in Game Mode. If you are not in Game Mode, you can hit the ` (also the ~ tilde key, to the left of the 1) to switch to it, which will drop your character down from your current camera position.

Fly Mode

Most of the time you spend creating an area will be spent in Fly Mode (shortcut: CTRL + ~). In addition to the Game Mode's WASD movement, you can also go up and down:

  • R is up
  • F is down

Right-clicking the mouse and moving it around will rotate your camera appropriately. If you prefer your X or Y axis inverted, you can change this option in the Render panel. Note that at this time, these changes do not persist from session to session.

Overhead Mode

Overhead Mode (shortcut: CTRL-O) is useful when laying Asset terrain and getting a birds-eye view of your area. Movement is very different in Overhead mode:

  • W is north
  • A is west
  • S is south
  • E is east
  • Mouse Wheel zooms in and out
  • Mouse Button rotates view

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