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This page covers the CLI command which is typed into the Console window. For the HSL command which handles remote calls between servers or server and client, see RemoteCall2.

CALL <scriptname> <function/method name> [;<input>]


The name of the client-side script which is to be called
<function/method name> 
The name of the function or method which is to be run
(optional) A string with data that is passed to <functionname> as a parameter. The semicolon is required as a separator, but is not actually passed as part of the data.


CALL is a CLI command that can be used in the Console Window as a shortcut to run a particular function or method in a client-side script. This command will not work on server-side scripts. To manually call server-side scripts, instead use a command script via the Chat Panel.

For the CALL command to work, the function or method in the called script must have a specific signature, as follows: <function/method name>(arg as String). You can then parse the string (within your script) in whatever way you wish to effectively pass multiple arguments to the code.

The keyword SCRIPT can be used as a synonym for CALL.


This example will access the Check() function in the client-side script MasterCamera, if typed into the Console window.

 call mastercamera check

The following example will manually build the HotSpot Menu. Normally you would open the menu by Ctrl-Shift clicking in the upper lefthand corner of the viewport. However, you can also directly call the _getHotSpotGUI method in the _HotSpotClassMethod script, by typing the following into the Console window:

call _HotSpotClassMethods _getHotSpotGUI
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