Automating Character Creation with Character Tools

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This page explains how artists using 3D Studio Max can run the automated process, Character Tools, to export all the necessary components of a character, as well as setting up the necessary files in the Repository.

Hero Character Tools

MaxHeroCharacterTools 1.7.09.png
MayaHeroCharacterTools 1.1.09.png

Hero Character Tools is a script that automates the steps that are normally done by hand with the initial set up of a character. Please refer to the creating static characters and dynamic characters tutorials for reference on how to do these steps manually.

If you would like to work with the same files for 3ds Max as in this tutorial, you can download them from

Max/Maya file set up

Char tools v1.55 character.png

You only need one Max/Maya file to get a character into the HeroEngine. Once your character is set up, you can manually add more animations and parts if it's a dynamic character.


Character Files

figure 1 - All files created

Your character has been blocked out with all the necessary files for it to display properly in HeroEngine. This includes:

The file directory image shows an example of everything that was created by the scripts.

Hero Engine

Character in HeroEngine

After running Character Tools:

/henpc add spec "name" "path"


/henpc add spec Goldman /demo/goldman/


/henpc create Goldman


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