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The Authenticator is a process which is responsible for validating usernames/passwords by talking with UACCESS.

If Encrypted Login is enabled, it will use a private key to decrypt client passwords.

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Authenticator Daemon configuration values

These values can be modified with the Master Control Console. See Editing configuration values.

Parm Name Parm Type Description Default value
uaccessValidResponses string allowed responses from the subscription; subscription types INTERNAL,PAYING,PREMIUM
uaccessTransport string transport protocol information used to established the authentication connection tcp:localhost:7501
uaccessConnectionResetConsecutiveFailureLimit integer allowed number of consecutive connection failures prior to terminating AUTHENTICATOR process 300
uaccessConnectionResetDelay integer number of milliseconds to sleep before attempting to reconnect to the HEUACCESS service 2000 (milliseconds)
uaccessProtocol string protocol information used to establish the connection line:UNIX
uaccessProductID string product ID, or subscription name, for the world
AuthenticationPrivateKeyFile string file which contains the private key for decrypting encrypted passwords, empty string indicates encrypted passwords is disabled "" or "private_key.pv"
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