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The Areas Organizer Panel provides a listing of all areas which have been created. They are organized into various folders and subfolders. The Area Organizer panel can be opened by going to the Editors toolbar dropdown and selecting 'Area Organizer'

Area Filter

The filter input box, located at the bottom of the panel, may be used to quickly locate an area provided you know the name


Traveling To A New Area

Once you have located and highlighted the area to which you desire to travel, you can either double-click it or right-click it to bring up a pop-up menu. From here you may select to travel to either an Edit Instance, Play Instance or create a new Instance.

Right-click menu

While under the Areas tab, from the right-click menu, you can:

Area options

Adding an area

To add a reference to an area back into the organizer, right-click on a folder and choose Add existing area.


Then select the desired area from a list of areas.

AddAreaToOrganizer example.png
Area renaming

To free up a name so that a new area can be created with the old name, modify the area's properties, via the Info option on the right-click menu.


And then you can rename it:

Area deletion

An area can be Removed via the right-click menu, but be aware that this does not actually "Delete" the area. It merely removes the organizer's reference to it in a particular folder.

If you wish to create another area with the same name, you can either:

GoTo menu


To travel to an area, find it in the organizer panel. If you know its name, you can type part of it into the Filter box at the bottom of the panel, to locate areas which start with that text.

Double Clicking on the area you want will then bring up the Go To Area window

Note that the edit instance is always instance #0, and play instance numbers area always dynamically assigned, and therefore not predictable.

Importing areas

See Main Article: How to Import an Area
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