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For data types that are used in fields, see Data Types

Archetypes define a class. When classes are defined in the DOM, they must be declared to be of a certain archetype. The type selected can declare special HeroEngine-supplied behavior to be attached to nodes created from the class definition.


This is a list of archetypes that are available. As a brief summary of the most commonly used classes:

When creating a class, if not certain which archetype to make it, the general "catch-all" archetype is DATA. No special HeroEngine-supplied behavior is associated with the DATA archetype.

Archetype Name Description
DATA A type used to store information with no special behavior
WORLD A deprecated type
SEGMENT Deprecated
MAPSET Deprecated
AREA Used to supply editing behavior for the Area Node
ROOM Supplies editing behavior for the subsections of areas that define visibility
ASSET Supplies editing behavior for the declarations of objects that can be instantiated in an area. See also Asset Types
INSTANCE Supplies the editing behavior for the instantiations of assets
GUICONTROL Provides interactivity and rendering for interface elements on the client
CHARACTER Supplies positioning and graphical look for players and npcs in the game
CREATURE Provides positioning mechanics for npcs in the game
OBJECT No behavior implemented yet
SPATIAL_AWARENESS_SYSTEM Required for any class derived from the _SpatialAwarenessSystem class


Create a class definition with the CCD CLI command

  ccd "river", data; description="River class"

This command has created a "river" class which is of the "data" archetype.

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