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ActionMark properties.jpg

Action marks exist as a type of "helper" object/node that may be used in conjunction with animations and other game specific code to perform tasks that require "relatively" precise navigation/animation to get the right "look". What an action mark does is entirely game-specific, as such the icons for Hero's Journey are HJ's own icons. Even how our action marks function is very game-specific.Template:Todo-image

The existing action mark types (other than GENERIC) may or may not be useful to your game because their visualizers are dependent upon the size/behavior of Hero's Journey's characters. It is likely we will refactor the C++ implementation of Action Marks to better support extension and visualization needs for licensees. For now, any "new" type of action mark you want to make would use the GENERIC type and use the action mark tag field to store a string representing the "new" type.

Caution: This information is Hero's Journey-specific. Your own implementation may be different.

Logic flow

The general logic flow for HJ's action marks is as follows:
(NOTE: the override method is incorrectly listed. It is actually called HE_OnCharacterEnterActionMark.)

Action Mark logic flow.jpg

The floor levers function because their action marks are created from the library and know that they are part of a statefulObject, so they can find their state and toggle it.

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